Shannon E. Moynagh

Phone: 905-790-7430 

Shannon Moynagh is an artist and art educator who works and lives in Brampton. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art, from York University in 2009, specializing in painting and print media. Since then Shannon has been an active member of both Beaux-Arts Brampton (2010) and the InPrint Collective Toronto (2011). Shannon is currently the Director of Workshops at Beaux-Arts, where she helps plan educational programs. She also teaches children’s and adult art classes at BAB; her Summer Art Camp program has been successful since 2011.

The imagery in many of Shannon’s paintings and prints are derived from nature. The study of biology and evolution informs her practice; examining the chemistry of acrylic paint, and experimentation with application techniques in systematic ways, are employed as regular studio methods. She describes her Organics series of paintings as “an exploration of the behaviour of paint itself…the finished works are fossilizations of the paint in motion”. Her new quasi-abstract paintings examine colour, space, and perception.

Shannon has also begun a series of drawings, paintings and prints that are autobiographical in nature, which examine the role of narrative and storytelling as they relate to memories. In these often fantastical images myth and reality merge; the artist portrays herself in various forms, including skeleton, bear, and monster, crafting imaginary scenes that reference periods of her life.


                             1 supporting work-s.moynagh-organics16

Untitled (Organics #16)

Acrylic on canvas

2 supporting work-s.moynagh-organics7                      

Untitled (Organics #7)

Acrylic on canvas

Untitled (Organics #8)

Acrylic on canvas


untitled_resized wizard                     

Rock Wizard with Apprentice

Pencil on paper

Sad Bear Shannon

Pencil on paper